Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Marketing in a World of High Anxiety

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Everyone is on edge these days……….Every news item comes across our phones as a”Breaking News Item”……….Our weather report is broken down by the hour with certain times slated for marginal or “high risk” storm threats……….Our GPS systems can tell us up to the minute how much time is left before we get to our destination……….Trump Tweets are out of control……….If we send a text and do not receive a response back in 30 seconds, we get concerned……….Alexa is at our beckon call with information, making sales and answering questions

This is our culture today. We live in a world of constant anxiety. We are quickly losing our ability to stay focused. I am a part of this problem. I can’t watch a television program without looking at my smartphone. I go to the gym and listen to songs and music on my smartphone and just read the news headlines or captioning if I really want to be focused for 10 seconds.

How do I actually reach people in a world where people are constantly thinking about so many things at one time.

I am working on trying to be disruptive in some way to get our message across.

Here are the areas I am working on this topic:

  1. Improve processes all of the time.

  2. Identify expertise outside of the company in specific areas: technology, digital marketing, printing

  3. Identify customers who are growing at an accelerated pace and see how we can assist them to sustain and enhance this growth.

  4. Be in the Know

  5. Look at product and service offerings outside our current core and see if there is a real opportunity. (Kodak – Digital)

  6. Continue to evolve and change.

  7. Understand that to succeed requires a higher level workforce and way of thinking

  8. Be Different

  9. Move fast, but minimize reacting and do more planning and designing. Reacting is a killer in many ways

  10. Get simpler, faster. The goal is to be intuitive not to create massive amounts of documentation.

My final thought:

“I will always be working,(rapid pace) on growing, improving, enhancing and implementing to better and deliver robust solutions to our employees and customer. ” ~ Brent

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